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More than 100,000 different images like this one! Get a random image from the gallery or click in one of the pictures at the bottom of the page!

Each picture is the door of a room in the gallery. It is composed by taking a pixel for each picture in the room. All the pictures in a room are produced by the same algorithm,changing only one or more parameters.
Click inside the door and you will get the image corresponding to the pixel you selected. The image is displayed with the algorithm and the constants used to compute it. So,if you want, you can produce it on your computer .
To wet your appetite, the letter S nearby the door, will show you a sample of images obtained by clicking in the door. If you want to know more on it click on the D that points to some documentation. Click inside the big ? icon and you will get an image taken randomly among those displayed in the gallery.
Instead by clicking in the small ? icon nearby each door, you can get a random image among those that can be generated by the room algorithm:i.e. the parameters are now chosen at random in the allowed range.
random image selection S porta1 random image selection S random image selection S, D random image selection S, random image selection S random image selection S random image selection S D random image selection S random image selection S random image selection S

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