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Accessibility refers to the ability of information technologies, such as websites and mobile applications, to provide services and usable  informations without any discrimination, even towards those who, due to disabilities, require assistive technologies or further particular assistance.

Accessibility statement 

INFN section of Bari undertake to make their website accessible, in accordance with Legislative Decree 10 August 2018, n. 106 which transposed EU directive 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 

The contents of the INFN Bari Section website are presented, within the limits permitted by available technologies and technical limitations, following the most recent guidelines on accessibility in accordance with the principles of law and in the final aim of making the information accessible to anyone. The concept of usability indeed extends not only to people with disabilities, but to anyone who is unable either due to missing technological requirements (e.g. hardware or software) or for other reasons to be reached in a clear and intelligible way by the information.

Report a problem

Despite the great attention to the accessibility-compliance, it is possible either that there are irregularities or that the user experiences difficult access in browsing the contents on this website. In this case, you can report the problem to the Team Web. Please write to the email address:
Thank you