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Getting started Access to IT resources

In order to access INFN services, your personal details must be registered and recognized by the INFN central digital identity management system (called INFN-AAI).

WARNING: if the user has already had relationships with the INFN, the personal data are already present and must be retrieved/restored. In this case, it is recommended NOT to follow the procedure below, and to contact the Servizio Calcolo directly for instructions.

The procedure for obtaining a digital identity is available at the following link:

Registration takes place completely independently by the new user on the SignUp portal at following the instructions provided by the procedure. This registration involves a first level registration (LoA1), or non-certified identity, which is sufficient in the event that the user has no need to use the INFN’s IT resources and has no financial relationship with the INFN. At the end of this first step, the user is simply registered in the system, and is enabled for authentication via SPID, CIE or username and password. This password is managed directly on the central system.

After that, the user must connect to the UserPortal, with the credentials referred above, and request authorization to use IT resources and/or to have tax relations with the INFN, following the instructions provided by the procedure. Here the user can:

  • Enter its personal data for authentication
  • Choose the Office and the Contact (approver) who will approve the request for access to IT resources
  • Read and accept the regulations for the use of INFN IT resources
  • Read the information on the processing of personal data

Following the conclusion of the procedure on this second portal, the user’s identity will become certified (LoA2).
The above procedure is the sole responsibility of the Management Service, which is authorized to manage the records of employees, associates and guests.

Local account

In order to access INFN resources, it is also necessary to request a so-called local account.

For employees, scholarship holders and research fellows, the local account is created and provided automatically by the Computing and Networking Service, upon implicit request from the Management Service.

For members, the local account request must be prepared by the local contact person using the web application at, “Computing and Networks” and “Local account request”. Also in this case, where the user has already had work or association relationships with the INFN, the personal data is already present and must be retrieved from the local Computing and Networks Service.

Network access

Access to the wired network is permitted and preferable by requesting association of your MAC address with a dynamic IP. 

This request can be made through the form available at > “Computing and Networks” > “Dynamic IP Request”.

Access to the wireless network is instead possible through the use of local credentials via Eduroam and INFN-Dot1X.