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Technological and interdisciplinary research at INFN Bari

Only new eyes can discover new things! Innovation is the main keyword which drives the activity of the Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 5 (CSN5). New ideas serve to develop and improve detectors, scientific devices, and experimental techniques, to be applied in experiments and in the exploration of physical phenomena carried out in the other INFN scientific commissions. While traditionally in Bari such ideas span from micro-electronics to radiation and particle detectors, now they extend also to computer science and to quantum technologies.

Interdisciplinary is another keyword for CSN5! Application of physics techniques to other fields of science, such as, for example, medicine and biology, has a relevant role in the Bari activity as well.

Sometimes an idea originated for the pure research may be extended to practical applications for industrial or commercial uses. CSN5 is the best environment where researchers can start such a process, which is later finalized within other INFN initiatives.

CSN5 keeps a particular eye on young researchers. Every year it issues a grant to finance projects of young scientists, within a few years from their PhD studies.


Computer science






The Ion2neutral experiment is an integrated project for the study and development of ionization techniques in ion sources and for the neutralization of negative beams that will be used for the production of energy with nuclear fusion.
At the “Consorzio RFX” based in Padua there is an experimental source built for this purpose and the INFN-Bari has proposed, for this source, the recovery of energy from the ion beam produced with the aim of improving production efficiency energy.

Local coordinator: Vincenzo Variale

Esperimento Ion2neutral